Over 40,000 Real-Life Transformations

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The Amino Diet ® Has Helped Over 40,000 People Just Like You, Lose Weight Fast & Live Happier, Healthier Lives.

The Amino Diet utilizes low glycemic foods, custom nutraceuticals , homeopathic medicine and the latest research to promote lean muscle, rapid weight loss and health from the inside out. Rather than restricting calories and starving yourself to lose weight, the Amino Diet program teaches you how to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which in turn causes the body to quickly drop unhealthy, mid-section fat.

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At Amino Diet we teach you how to add more of the right things: more frequent meals, more healthy food choices, more lean muscle, more support and ultimately more success. The Amino Diet program is designed to teach you the habits of healthy living. Confidence in your food choices and a stronger, leaner body are the key factors that drive permanent change.

Amino Diet is one of the fastest growing online communities for weight loss, health and wellness. With over 278,000 subscribers, our community has quickly become the place to go for weight loss, coaching and interaction with other health conscious individuals who share similar goals and beliefs.

At Amino Diet we are dedicated to providing our community with the latest research and healthy alternatives for rapid weight loss, chronic disease and a healthier lifestyle. At www.liquidaminodiet.com you’ll find hundreds of recipes, thousands of research based articles and tens of thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers, some have lost as much as 200 lbs. following our program.


Weight Loss Success   “I lost over 200 lbs. in less than a year following the Amino Diet program… I weighed 346 lbs. when I stared and now weigh 141 lbs. I can now go to movies with my son. I now fit in the seats on airplanes. My friends can now hug me. My dad called me “skinny”. The Amino Diet has changed my life. You have taken my breath away. Yes, you have given me and my two sons hope for a better future.”

Angelica Lilly (Read Full testimonial)

The Amino Diet Program Includes:

  •          Amino Diet Booklet “The Key to a Healthier You” by Dr. Humble Finsand
  •          Amino Diet Weight Loss Drops – Homeopathic medicine to help mobilize fat & control cravings
  •          Hundreds of Low Glycemic Recipes
  •          Low Glycemic Food Lists
  •          Tips & Tricks for Weight Loss
  •          Support from Certified Health Coach 7 days/week

Also Available:

  •          12 Week “Complete Body Transformation” Meal & Exercise Guide
  •          Endocrine Boost – Custom nutraceutical to speed up metabolism & help regulate hormones
  •          Dual Support - Custom nutraceutical to detoxify heavy metals & toxins, while supporting cellular integrity.

At Amino Diet you will find no gimmicks. You will find systems, programs and products, designed by doctors, created for people just like you. People who are tired of starving themselves to lose a few pounds only to gain them back plus a few more, people who have real lives and can’t dedicate hours on end at the gym, people who thought it was hopeless to ever “get fit”; and still others who are morbidly obese or suffering from chronic disease and illness.

Our program is not just another fad, it’s a membership to a growing community that have a common goal of lasting health and fitness. As you start the Amino Diet you will not only have 7 day a week access to our Certified Health Coaches, but will also be exposed to a wealth of knowledge, information, videos and personal connections at www.facebook.com/aminodiet . And best of all you can try it Risk FREE. If you’re not happy with the results you can return your product within 30 days and get a no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Start today with a real, achievable goal of losing weight and keeping it off. We’ve helped over 40,000 people lose weight and live happier, healthier lives… We can help you too! Call toll free 1-800-980-7208 or click here to get started !